Professional and innovative

Spanish translation and creative communication solutions.

We are language access and communication professionals with a passion for collaborating to broaden Spanish-speakers’ access to services and offerings in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Puerta Abierta Bilingual Communication Services

Who we are

We provide locally-informed, professional, and accessible translations and Spanish-language communication solutions for your public-facing content, opening the door for more equitable service delivery and more inclusive community building for organizations and small businesses.

What We Do

Professional and innovative language solutions

Bilingual Content Management

Traditional translation services are the first step toward effective and respectful communication with limited English Latinos. We provide that and offer to take it a step further, with communication solutions across diverse media formats that take factors like culture, literacy, and lived reality into consideration for maximum impact.

Bilingual Project Coordination

Full inclusion of Latinos with limited English in community events requires translation of materials and interpretation for the day of the event. We provide that and offer to take it a step further, joining your planning team from the start to anticipate needs and coordinate solutions.

What can we do for you?