Who we are

PA Bilingual Communication Services is a women-owned boutique language access firm based in the Twin Cities. Drawing on our 40+ years of professional experience working with the local Latino community, we are passionate about partnering with equity-driven businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and community organizations as bilingual communication strategy consultants.

Andreina, our social butterfly, is always ready to talk, whether interpreting, promoting our mission, vision and services, or discussing which 90’s band is coming to town next. Alondra, our visual ninja, sees frames, angles, and color schemes everywhere she looks. Her toddler may be her favorite muse, but she’s got the eye and talent to make a stunning visual no matter the content. Stephanie is a total word nerd, honing her skills since childhood playing word-based puzzle games with her mom, and now with her son. She sees translation as the ultimate word puzzle and is thrilled to have made it her profession.

What makes us shine?

We’re here to shake things up in the name of equity, access, and inclusion by providing innovative services that recognize not only the importance of delivering quality and professionalism in the written and spoken word, but also the creativity and adaptation often required to overcome communication barriers that result from factors like cultural differences, navigation of unfamiliar systems, and varied levels of literacy and formal education.


We achieve effective verbal and written communication between English and Spanish-speaking sectors and communities by translating, adapting, and creating content across diverse formats.


A bilingual communication landscape in which Spanish-speaking individuals and families are informed, connected, represented, and empowered to fully participate in markets, services, programs, and opportunities in the community that enhance wellbeing.

What we believe

Latino immigrants and their families form a valuable part of our communities and deserve equitable and meaningful access to the information in online and print communications produced and disseminated within them, regardless of their language proficiency. The services we offer are rooted in a genuine understanding of—and respect for—the lived experience of Minnesota’s Latino immigrants with limited English proficiency. We meet our clients where they are in terms of their experiences, while expecting a baseline of respect and dignity toward the communities they serve.

We believe that traditional language access services like translation and interpretation–while a great start–are not always enough to guarantee successful communication of a message. We’ve experienced firsthand how other components, such as lack of cultural context and limited systems proficiency, can disrupt communication, often resulting in a bigger barrier than the language itself. We are committed to providing creative and innovative communication solutions that go beyond traditional translation and interpretation so your message not only reaches its intended audience but also has its intended impact.

We acknowledge and celebrate the talented individuals, agencies, and community organizations already serving Minnesota’s Spanish-speaking communities. We believe that improving access across language and culture requires a collective, not competitive, effort. Our work both complements and can be complemented by the work of existing and emerging professionals across a variety of disciplines. We are committed to creating purposeful connections and opportunities for collaboration up, down, and across the spectrum of experience in order to deliver the most effective solutions possible.

Balance and wellbeing are at the core of our inception, not just something we strive for after hours and on weekends. We believe that rooting out toxicity and embracing this philosophy enables us to do our best work and have the biggest impact in our communities. It permeates every aspect of what we do, from the nature of the projects and collaborations we seek out to our relationships and interactions with partners, clients, the community members we serve, and each other.