Wondering about our name and the door in our logo?

PA stands for Puerta Abierta, or “open door,” which signifies a welcoming and easy point of access to whatever lies on the other side. Having seen the impacts of language barriers in both my personal and professional life, I started my business with the goal of being that welcoming and easy point of access for the English <> Spanish translation needs of both community members and the organizations that serve them.

Being self-employed, and for the first time experiencing work outside the constraints of a hierarchical nine-to-five environment, it didn’t take me long to realize that the open door had taken on a second meaning: Puerta Abierta had given me access to a new way of living, one that allowed me to spend more time with my son and organize my time according to my values and priorities.

After two years on my own, I had gained so much as a result of this change that the logical next step was to—you guessed it—open the door to two incredible colleagues, not only widening the scope of services we could offer, but also inviting them into the healthy work environment I was creating for myself.

As of now, in the thick of our rebranding and excitement of our upcoming launch, it may take us a bit to get there, but this last door is one we would love to continue opening for years to come, inviting talented bilingual women who want to bring their ideas, talents, and passions to the table in service of PA’s mission and vision.

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